Allen’s Furniture is a london-based furniture store. They custom design and locally build all of their furniture. Their work is absolutely beautiful. We are proud to work with them to develop new print materials.

Project Details

We are thrilled to be producing new print materials for Allen’s Furniture. Throughout all print pieces, we have endeavoured to ensure a consistent brand. The trick with these pieces was to always come back to their work. So have simple laouts that fade away to let the beautiful designs of the furniture speak for itself.

Project 1: Bridal Brochure

8”x16” Folded to 8”x8”
Full Colour

This brochure was designed to hilight the unique Wedding Regsitry that Allens’ has created. When investing in a piece of furniture from Allen’s you need to understand that it will be custom designed and built for you and your home. To that end, after a one-on-one consultation, Allens’ creates a registry for your wedding guests to donate toward.

Project 2: Table Design Flyer

Full Colour

The most recent design from Derek at Allen’s. Drawing on inspiration from the Olympic rings, this new design is an excellent example of how intricate and how unique an offering at Allens’ can be. Truthfully, when receivng great photography and seeing the excellent crasftsmanship, the design for print comes easily together.






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