MODUS3 was proud to partner with Impressions Printing to build all new branding. From print to web we helped them create fresh branding to convey exciting new ventures in their company.

Project Details

Impressions needed a solution that would communicate how much the company had changed. With new equipment, a new web presence and new services, they required branding to match.

Project 1: Web Site


The site design was a particularly interesting one as it does away with commnly used menu systems. Designed specifically to include as much information as possible so you don't have to go searching for specifics was the main emphasis in the development of the site.

Launch Site

Project 2: Brochure Design

11"x17" folded to 8.5"x11"
Full Colour

The goal of this brochure was the create a piece that showcased the launch of the all new impressions site and also to advertise all new services offered by Impressions. They installed a brand new digital press, a new offering compared to the current printing presses they used.






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