Here you will find the artworks of Mister Shh. Presented below area couple of his sketches. Several new works are in process right now. So stay tuned for more!

Project Details

These are sketches of us as young children. I still remember when buying a matte for the image of my wife, I walked into the store holding the drawing to ensure I bought the correct size. The young woman (had to be 17 at most) leaned over the counter to see the drawing. She said, "Oh that's really nice". I said thanks and commented that it was a drawing of my fiance. Her face fell. She asked, "Your fiance is a baby?"I replied that it was an arranged marriage and walked out. Looking back I saw her staring at the ground, atempting to compute what had just transpired. Ridiculous.

Project 1: Sketches

Illustration Board

Both hang in our home. I am currently working on drawings for each of our children.






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